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Welcome to PC Telcom

PC Telcom is a progressive, member-owned cooperative that provides quality Telecommunication, Broadband Internet and Cable TV services delivered with superior customer service throughout Northeast Colorado and Chappell, Nebraska. In addition to these services, we offer computer setup and repair, performance tune-up, virus/spyware removal, wireless network setup, data recovery/transfer, hardware/software installation and general trouble shooting.

System Upgrade

Over the next few weeks you will see PC Telcom workers going through the cable system in the Julesburg, Chappell, Ovid and Sedgwick communities.

We are checking the system signal strength and where we find that it is substandard, we will be fixing the underlying cause. You may experience intermittent disruption in services while we preform the tests and repairs. We want to get the system in top shape to support the upgrades we have made at our head end. This is a sizable investment by PC Telcom that will bring improved quality of service for both TV and internet. Along with this improved quality we will soon be offering much faster internet speeds to our PC Telcom customers.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience.